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First off, my favorite beach web site, *THE* Outer Banks Web Page - www.outer-banks.com

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Another Outer Banks Web Page Insider's Guide to the Outer Banks
www.theouterbanks.com National Park Service Cape Hatteras web page

On the Outer Banks, the National Park Service does a number of different presentations every day about the area. The park rangers talk about different things ranging from the animals that live in the area to the history of the area, as well as legends and stories of pirates. I have many of these recorded from my trips to the Outer Banks. I have been working to transfer them digitally into the computer so that they can be heard by anyone over the internet. There will be a few to start with, and more to come as time and storage space are available. Most are about 1/2 hour long. You must have the RealPlayer to listen. Go to www.realaudio.com to download the player. For questions or comments, please email me.

Campfire about Pirates - Learn about a few of the pirates that were famous. Especially of Blackbeard who made his "living" in and around Ocracoke Island. There is just a little of the beginning missing here. Unfortunately, the end was cut off as the batteries in my tape recorder went dead... still quite good nonetheless. 28 Minutes.

The Monitor - Learn about the famous ironclad ship, the Monitor. The only thing it ever had to do with the outer banks is the fact that it sunk off the coast. How Did it sink? How was it found? Those questions answered and much more. 30 Minutes.

Hurricane Alley - Some stories and facts about hurricanes on the Outer Banks. From the damage they do to the stories of those who survived them, this covers it all. Missing a little of the beginning, but still good! 14 Minutes.

And now for a few of my favorite images from the beach! These are all photographs that I have taken personally and scanned into the computer. Most can be clicked on to link to full-screen 640x480 versions of the same picture.







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