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real Rock saturday night with Brad Huddleston www.bradradio.com
You can hear this show live Saturday nights from 8-10pm EST live on the web!

Philip's Home Page

Magicari Productions - Greg Miller's Home Page

Jeff Colvin's web page

KaterTader's home page - Are you left-handed? Look no further!

The Workplace:

Meridian Computers & Consulting, Inc.

Online Services




Blue Ridge Community College

Virginia Tech

Bridgewater College

Eastern Mennonite University - my sweetie goes here. :-)

Realaudio Pages

WHJT Radio - a live radio station broadcasting from Mississippi. 28.8k connection speed.

www.realaudio.com - THE Realaudio Page.

TimeCast - The Realaudio guide page. Links to many other realaudio sites.

Christian Links

Musical/Band Links

CCM Online

Christian Music Online

Christian Music Directory

Margaret Becker

Lisa Bevill


Steven Curtis Chapman

Code of Ethics

DC Talk


Jars of Clay

The Kry

Cindy Morgan

News Boys

Larry Norman


John Schlitt

Rebecca St. James

White Heart

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