This is the page all about who Wesley is!

And now you want to know about me...duh! Or you wouldn't have clicked on this link! Well, let's see... I live in the Shenandoah Valley of VA near Bridgewater college and many other Shenandoah Valley attractions. I graduated from Turner Ashby High School and and have received my associates degree in Information Systems Technology from Blue Ridge Community College. I plan to continue taking classes at BRCC, and eventually make it to James Madison University. But I haven't decided for sure yet... My car? Well, I don't like driving in a car where you feel like your rear end is dragging the ground, so I own a van to drive. Ok, so it is one of those minivans...I couldn't afford a "real" van. Nicer than a car, but definitely not a "real" full size van. Below are pictures of the vans I have driven. The one on the left was my first vehicle, which is still owned by my parents, the one on the right is the new one I just got in November of 97. Ok, now that you have seen my vehicles, you have to see the pets... :-)

Old Van - 1979 Ford Van (Chateau), 351 V8, showing its age, but still a nice van!

New Van - 1992 Dodge Caravan, 3.0 V6, showing off its Christmas bow. :-)

Here is a picture of some woods a short drive from my home...

Woods Picture here...

Last Updated - 11/23/98